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Bactiscan Delivers Certainty In Just Minutes




It’s Fast

Bactiscan™ requires no lab time or space and returns definitive results immediately.

It’s Simple

Be marvelled as Bactiscan’s ultra-fast pathogen detection system illuminate surfaces and identify the exact location of bacteria, biofilm and mold.


It’s Comprehensive

Bactiscan™ provides early detection of microbes, to enable early implementation of mitigation, to prevent systemic contamination.

It’s Scalable

Bactiscan™ can perform an unlimited number of scans in a single day, at no additional cost.


It’s Cost-efficient

Not only is Bactiscan well-priced, but it also does not use any consumables. Bactiscan also increases the accuracy of conventional microbial detection methods— dramatically reducing both time and cost.

The real efficiencies of Bactiscan come from the prevention of infectious complications to consumers and patients, and  from the money saved by reducing product loss to contamination.

It’s Eco-friendly

EIT International, the manufacturer of the Bactiscan, places a lot of emphasis on the environment and corporate social responsibility, hence Bactiscan adheres to very high environmental and legislative standards.

Bactiscan doesn’t use any chemicals or consumables, which makes it an ideal environmentally friendly option. It has been specifically designed to avoid issues associated with the use of any harmful dyes, chemicals, gases, or gels.

Display the Seal

The Bactiscan Certified Clean Seal shows the commitment of our partners in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.