Bactiscan goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge – Biofilmdetect
Bactiscan goes above and beyond the scientific knowledge that the hospitality industry uses to prevent contaminations and preventable illnesses.


The hospitality industry no longer accept visually clean as good enough! This industry must utilize a scientific method to quantify cleanliness. Using Bactiscan’s science-based cleaning verification and preventative control system, you can assess your cleaning outcomes to prevent contamination and preventable illnesses in the facility, protecting your guest and staff.


Creating Bactiscan Clean Cruise Ship Industry


The fastest way to ruin a vacation at sea is with an outbreak of a preventable illness. Bactiscan cleaning verification audits can ensure the safety of surfaces to protect guests from environmental contamination and food-borne infection. The Bactiscan can be used to verify cleaning in all areas of cruise ships, such as kitchens, restaurants, spas, pools, and guest rooms.


Creating Bactiscan Clean Fitness Facilities